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Questions about a special session should be sent via E-mail to the organizer(s). Authors may need to follow an instruction to submit paper(s) specific to the special session. Please confirm this prior to your submission. Authors, organizers and reviewers of special sessions should follow the schedule specified in Important Dates. Accepted papers of the special session will be included within the MAICS2011 conference proceedings. Format information (AAAI format) is available at Paper Submission.

Special session: Artificial Intelligence in Biometrics and Identity Sciences (AIBIS)

We are beginning to see a growing number of applications and security systems that are based on biometrics. As biometric based systems become increasingly complex, there exist a growing need to utilize AI-based techniques in order to increase the accuracy and efficiency of these systems. This special session will provide a forum for researchers to discuss and present novel AI-based applications to the broad area of Identity Science, which includes Biometrics and forensic identification.

Original research is solicited in the area of applied AI to (but are not limited to):

  • pattern recognition applied to biometrics and soft biometrics
  • iris recognition
  • periocular recognition
  • face recognition
  • finger print
  • speaker recognition
  • gait recognition
  • novel biometric modalities / biometric applications
  • soft biometrics (age, sex, race, weight, height, pose, position, etc.)
  • template aging, biometric morphology
  • feature extraction, feature selection and optimization, and template formation
  • multi-modal biometrics and fusion
  • forensic identification / authentication
  • etc.


  • Damon L. Woodard, Clemson University (woodard_at_clemson_dot_edu)
  • Kelvin Bryant, North Carolina A&T State University (ksbyrant_at_ncat_dot_edu)


  • Gerry Vernon Dozier, North Carolina A&T State University (gvdozier_at_ncat_dot_edu)
  • Karl Ricanek, University of North Carolina at Wilmington (ricanekk_at_uncw_dot_edu)
  • Marios Savvides, Carnegie Mellon University (msavvid_at_cs_dot_cmu_dot_edu)


Papers are available in this online proceedings.


Chair: Gerry Dozier

  • 3:10 Aniesha Alford, Khary Popplewell, Gerry Dozier, Kelvin Bryant, John Kelly, Josh Adams, Tamirat Abegaz and Joseph Shelton, GEFeWS: A Hybrid Genetic-Based Feature Weighting and Selection Algorithm for Multi-Biometric Recognition
  • 3:30 James S. Doyle, Jr. and Patrick J. Flynn, Iris Quality in an Operational Context
  • 3:50 Ryan Connaughton, Kevin W. Bowyer and Patrick Flynn, Fusion of Face and Iris Biometrics from a Stand-Off Video Sensor


Chair: Gerry Dozier

  • 11:50 Joseph Shelton, Gerry Dozier, Kelvin Bryant, Lasanio Smalls, Joshua Adams, Khary Popplewell, Tamirat Abegaz, Damon L. Woodard and Karl Ricanek, Comparison of Genetic-based Feature Extraction Methods for Facial Recognition
  • 12:10 Tamirat Abegaz, Gerry Dozier, Kelvin Bryant, Joshua Adams, Brandon Baker, Joseph Shelton, Karl Ricanek and Damon L. Woodard, Genetic-Based Selection and Weighting for LBP, oLBP, and Eigenface Feature Extraction
  • 12:30 Stephen Lagree and Kevin W. Bowyer, Ethnicity Prediction Based on Iris Texture Features
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