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MAICS2011 organizing committee is proudly announcing our support of teleconference presentations via Skype. We hope that this attracts more contributions to MAICS2011 as a result of eliminating various traveling overheads (e.g. schedules, expenses, visa, etc.) and introducing a special registration fee exclusively to teleconference participants.

Your paper will be considered equally with the others, e.g. peer reviewed and included (if accepted) in the proceedings.

Special Session Organizers must arrange on-site session chairs in case of their teleconference presentations.


  • Your paper(s) must be accepted for presentation(s).
  • You have a decent internet connection (e.g. >1Mbps) for a smooth video call in Skype.
  • You are capable of giving a smooth teleconference presentation in Skype. This capacity may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • smoothly showing presentation slides via the screen sharing. Note. Only certain versions support this feature.
    • knowing how to establish/terminate a call.
    • corresponding via chat in case of emergency/accidents.

How to participate

  1. Follow instructions on paper submission and registration for your preparation.
  2. Submit necessary information such as your Skype ID when instructed.
  3. Connection testing may be available for an appointment.
  4. Log on to your Skype account and stand by in time for your scheduled presentation. Your session chair will call you (or send you a chat message). Your presentation will begin as soon as the connection is established. We will allocate at most 3 minutes for teleconference overheads (e.g. establishing a call and necessary technical adjustment as deemed necessary). Your presentation will be canceled for any reasons if this does not begin on time or the connection is poor.

Conference streaming

We will privately broadcast MAICS2011 conference using USTREAM private live streaming service. Only teleconference presenters are accessible to this streaming service. All necessary information will be personally delivered via E-mail about a week prior to the conference.

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