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Student participation in MAICS 2011 is highly encouraged: submitting and presenting a paper, attending the conference, or volunteering at the conference. The registration fee is competitively low for students. There is also a teleconference presentation option via Skype.

Best Student Paper Award

sponsored by the Cognitive Science Society

The best student paper is to be selected as a result of evaluating both paper and presentation. The prize consists of a certificate and a grant of 250USD. In addition, a complimentary membership of the Cognitive Science Society for the next year is awarded to the winner.

For a paper to be considered, its first author must be a student and the paper must be presented by a student (co-)author (but not necessarily by the first author). We recognize the the presenter on the certificate.

Special Session for Best Student Paper Award

The following four papers (listed in alphabetical order by title) are nominated for the best student paper award and invited to the special session for the award competition:

  • "A Machine Learning Approach to Identifying Sections in Legal Briefs" by (*)Scott Vanderbeck, Joseph Bockhorst and Chad Oldfather.
  • "A Study on Query-Based Dimensionality Reduction" by (*)Augustine Nsang and Anca Ralescu.
  • "Automated Speech Act Classification For Online Chat" by (*)Cristian Moldovan, Vasile Rus and Arthur C. Graesser.
  • "Fuzzy Relational Visualization for Decision Support" by (*)Brian Zier and Atsushi Inoue.

(* indicates the nominated student author of each paper.)

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